Installing A Hot Tub Inside

Whilst many people choose to place their hot tub outside, you may be in a climate where this is simply not practical due to the weather. (However many ski resort hotels locate their hot tubs outside).

Whilst locating a tub outside requires quite a lot of thought with regards to access to get the tub into place, locating a tub inside will require a lot more planning.

Firstly there is getting the hot tub into place. Even a small two seater tub when stood on end is likely to be too wide to fit through the width of a normal household door. Although there are some models on the market that are designed to do just this, you may have to search on the Internet to find one. This may mean that you have to have it shipped some distance to you.

You also need to think of the loading on the floor. Even a small tub will weigh several tonnes when full, so upstairs is not really an option.

One option is to consider a cedar wood tub, which comes in kit form and thus can easily be transported to, and built in any room.

You will also need a moisture controlled air extraction system in the room you are putting the tub into otherwise you will end up with damp problems, as the hot tub will still give off a lot of moisture into the air even when not running.

In addition you will need to make sure there are no electrical sockets in the room and that all lights fitted in the room are waterproof. You will lastly also need to ensure that your hot tub is suitably connected to an RCD power switch for safety.