All About Hot Tubs - The General In's and Out's Of Hot Tubs And Spas

Hot tubs or hot spas as they are also referred to (Note: Jacuzzi, whilst widely used to describe them as well, is actually a trademark term) bring one of the best relaxation experiences to your home that you can buy today.

They are great for soaking in to relax tired muscles after a hard workout, or a stressful day at work. Indeed they are one of the best natural ways of relieving stress that you can get.

They work very simply with the hot tub being full of hot water, which is then invigorated with a series of water jets that pummel your whole body, from your feet up to your neck and everywhere in between. Of note is that the temperature should not exceed 104 Degrees Fahrenheit, above which the hot tub goes from being good for your health to being bad for your health.

Ideally you should sit in your tub for no longer than twenty minutes for adults, and around ten minutes for children. Hot tubs are very child friendly, although you will see a lot of commercial installations instructing children less than fourteen years of age not to use them. In terms of drowning they pose little risk in general due to the low depth of the water, however children should never be left in them un-attended even if they can swim.

It is also advisable that adults do not use them if under the influence of alcohol.

Hot tubs come in several different variants, with the most basic ones being inflatable hot tubs that you simply blow up and fill with water, the next models up feature side panels that slot together, before a liner is placed inside it prior to filling up with water. Both of these types of tub are classed as portable as they can easily be moved.

The other types of hot tubs currently on the market are cedar woods tubs, and acrylic tubs (Which are the most common ones for sale in today’s marketplace).

Cedar tubs look great when assembled as they have a very natural look, however you do have to self assemble them, but this is actually an advantage as it means you can install them yourself, and in any location, and you can pick the kit up in an estate car thus saving on delivery costs.

Acrylic tubs are now the most common in use, having replaced GRP as the main material used to build hot tubs, and you will find these in use in most hotels and spas.