Mobile swimming pools? In london!

First mobile swimming pool has been launched in london to try and help children that have little or no access to swimming pool facilities.

The mobile swimming pool is 12m x 10m and has been set up in Lilian Baylis Old School in Lambeth in there old sports hall.

Several London councils will have access to the temporary pool this year and the borough is the first of which we hope to be many.

The mobile swimming pool is part of a scheme called "Pools for Schools Project" - the Amateur Swimming Association is supporting the campaign.

It aims to ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn to swim.

The London Assembly showed a report last year showing that around 3million Londoners have very poor (little or no) access to any public pools.

It took 4 days to construct and filled the swimming pool with 65,000 litres of water.

The swimming pool will be open until 15 February