Game Tables - Make the Most of Your Family Time by Converting Your Basement

If you are like most families, you tend to go your separate ways when you come home, which is sad because many families do not even eat meals together any more. The rush-pace at which everyone lives leaves little quality family time, but you can change this by creating a games room in your home that can also convert into a family room. Many families have basements that are used for nothing but storage, but this can be turned into an area where the family can come together and enjoy each others company, play games, eat meals, and watch movies, all around your game tables.

Converting Your Basement to a Game Room / Family Room:

The first thing you will need to do is clear out the clutter and storage and assess the basement. If it has never been changed and looks like a cold, damp basement, then you will need to do some work to get it to look like a room that is fun and entertaining for the entire family. You can move all your stored items to your attic, garage, or go through it and see what you do not need and perhaps have a garage sale.

Once you have the storage and junk removed from your basement, look at the walls of the basement. If they are solid concrete, you can add colourful paint to the walls that will also act as a sealant, but make sure you are using the right paint for basement concrete walls. Add two-tones of paint and make it bright and happy, but you might want to stay away from bright yellow as that can cause headaches when exposed to the colour for too long. You can add splashes of colour or even have some designs on the walls to give it a more "game-like" feel.

Next, look at the floors, if they are concrete, which they probably are, one of the best things to lay is carpeting because it helps to keep the dampness out and makes the room seem like a room and not a basement. Choose a neutral colour of carpet and do not spend a lot of money on it because game rooms often have spills from drinks and food!

Now that you have the walls and flooring completed, it is time to begin filling your game room with furnishings, games, and of course, games tables. You can also add a television that the entire family can come together and watch movies or DVDs.

Final Thoughts:

When you are choose your games tables, this is one of the most important aspects of the room because many people will be drawn to the tables, so make sure you select a variety of different games that several people can play at the same time. Furthermore, buy the best quality tables you can, so that you can continually add on to your games room. Before long, you will have created the perfect games room for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.

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