It's time to spark up your Fireworks night at Splash & Relax!

With just over a month away, have you decided whether you’ll be paying over the odds for a fireworks show? Or will you be having your own display in your back garden?
Not decided? Well let Splash & Relax explain why it’s just as fun and affordable to have your very own fireworks night this November 5th.
Splash & Relax are now one of the UK’s number one online providers of Fireworks and stock a mega amount at great prices. Available are a huge range of brands of great industry reputation, including Bright Star Fireworks, Absolute Fireworks, Global Fireworks and Brothers Pyrotechnics. So what will suit you and your garden?
If you have a small garden with not much space and a small gathering of people, then there is no need to go all extravagant and set the skies alight. What you’ll be looking for are some cool rockets, multishot barrages and of course, for the kids, sparklers! Ideally a cool set of rockets at a great price could be the Stealth Strike – 12 Rockets. These rockets will bring some good bangs and deliver some exciting sounds. A great Multishot Barrages set would be the Air Raid which shoots 150 shots, crackles and whistles into the sky, and for just £6.49! And of course, Sparklers, available from just 99p!
For bigger gardens, looking to bring a bit more excitement to the skies, we really suggest you take a look at our Barrage Packs. For example, the Air Strike Barrage pack at £38.99 offers an assortment of fireworks with some loud bangs. As well, being produced by Bright Star Fireworks, you are guaranteed some fantastic sights.
We also provide a range of Display Packs starting from just £129.99. It is only ideal to try these packs in larger gardens, of course. You can save over 50% on this super selection of high impact barrages and display rockets from Splash & Relax.
Not mentioned what you are looking for? There is even more variety of fireworks at Splash & Relax which includes Fountains, Selection Boxes, Roman Candles, Mines and Wheels