Types Of Above Ground Swimming Pools

There are a multitude of above ground swimming pools available for you to purchase. With circular pools from just eight feet in diameter to oval above ground swimming pools that can be up to thirty two feet or more in length.

Some above ground swimming pools of a larger size can even be partially built in to the ground (Indeed this is often the case for larger above ground swimming pools).

There are several types of above ground swimming pools: -

Metal-sided swimming pools – These are made from galvanized steel, and dependant on the size of the pool they may have supporting posts. These types of pools are bolted together and are far more resistant to punctures. If you have an active family pool life, then you would be better opting for one of these rather than a soft sided pool

Soft sided swimming pools – These types of pools are the ones that are commonly sold in DIY stores. They have an inflatable tube on the top edge. Once the tube is inflated then you simply fill the pool with a hose pipe. Care should be taken though that the pool is sitting on level ground. A word of caution should be that these soft sided pools are susceptible to leaks, and any leak may involve removing all the water from the pool to fix.

Frame Set Pools – These feature a metal frame that is bolted together, much the same as a metal sided pool. The pool liner is then hung from the top edge of the frame and filled with water. These types of above ground pools can be made to look quite attractive as they as they can be externally clad with wood.

The obvious advantage in having an above ground swimming pool is both the cost and the time to build one, they cost far less, and with the help of a few friends you can have one installed in just one weekend.