A Maintenance Routine For Your Intex Swimming Pool

It does not matter whether you have a large ultra frame rectangular pool, or a small easy set pool, you will need to establish a pool maintenance routine.

Ideally you need to do this before you even start to build your pool and fill it with water, as the day after you fill it with water then that is the day your pool maintenance routine starts.

It is no good filling your pool with water, then reading the maintenance instructions and finding out what chemicals you need to treat your above ground pool with. As if your pool supplier has run out of the chemicals you need by the time you go back to him, and you have to wait even a few days to get them, then your pool water is already in trouble!

Simply put there are tasks that need carrying out daily, weekly and monthly and you cannot skimp on them.

You will need to test the swimming pools water daily to check the chlorine level, and add more as required.

You will need to check the pH level of the pool daily, and ensure that it is correctly balanced.

Each week you should clean the pools water filter and swap it over with a spare one. If you treat your water filter well it will pay dividends in the long-term health of your Intex swimming pool.

Every two weeks you will need to “Shock” your pool.

You should use a pool vacuum once a week to keep the floor and sides clean.

Every five to six months you should completely empty your swimming pool and refill it with water.

Following this simple routine will keep the water in your Intex above ground swimming pool crystal clear.