Metal Frame Swimming Pools - The Real Family Swimming Pools!

Well if you have a few tens of thousands of pounds to spare then you could go the whole hog and have an in ground swimming pool installed, yet if you are like most of us then you may not have £20,000 lying around to install an in ground swimming pool.

So if you really want a swimming pool then what are you options? Well firstly think about what you are going to use it for, exercise? Or just splashing around with the kids in? Think about this carefully as the answer will dictate what type of pool you opt to buy.

Well if you just want a swimming pool for family fun and frolics then probably an inflatable easy set pool is probably the best one for you, but if you want a pool to exercise in then you would be better off going for a metal frame set pool, intex do a good range of these from large round ones through to large rectangular ones. Indeed whilst a round one is good if you want to do “Laps” then a rectangular metal framed pool is probably better for you.

Setting up a metal framed pool may seem complex yet it is actually very simple to do as most require no tools and the frame simply clicks together. And whilst the helping hand of a friend can speed thing along, they can easily be assembled by just one person.

Indeed even if you are on your own, a very large 18 foot pool can be assembled in less than two hours. Indeed with an intex pool it comes with a DVD that shows you exactly how to assemble it! Meaning nothing could be more simpler.

Metal framed pools are the next step up from easy set swimming pools and as such they are far more sturdy and can stand up to the rigours of a family pool party far better than an easy set pool.

A metal framed pool is just as the name suggests, it consists of a metal frame that is very simply clipped together and the swimming pool liner is then hung from it, the water filter and pump is then connected to it, and then the pool filled with water.

A high end metal framed swimming pool can offer just about all of the benefits of an in ground pool yet for only a fraction of the cost.