Swimming Pool Water Treatment Guide - Testing Pool Water

You should check your swimming pools water to help ensure the chemicals in your pool stay at certain levels, this should be done once a week at least. For convenience this should be done after you have back washed the filter.

If your swimming pool is well balanced you should really only need to check the Chlorine and pH levels of the pool regulary. Your swimming pools other chrmicals you neasure can be checked less frequently.

You should invest in a good swimming pool test kit as this is a must to keep your pool safe. Once your test liquids / tablets have expired they should not be used so make sure you throw them out as they will more then liely give you inaccurate results. This means your pool has just been topped up with unnecessary chemicals which will unbalance your swimming pool more. Your chemical kit should always be stored in a dry cool place, out of direct sun light and out of reach of children.
These can be found in the Water Care - Chemical Starter Kits section, for more pool cleaning and chemicals you also see Pool Cleaning & Chemicals

To test your swimming pool water you should, thoroughly rinse your testing kit cells before they are filled from the pools water, fill from a minimum of 20-30cm below the pool water surface. Once your finished testing the pool water you should never put the test solution back into your swimming pool as this will add more chemicals and may change the results. 

As long as you have no problems with your swimming pool water these next tests can be done every 3 months or so (recommend to be tested every month). These can be done by at your pool by a professional pool testing consultant or you could take a sample of your pool water to a specialist swimming pool shop. If you do take pool water to a specialist please remember to put it in a clean jar of some sort.

Pool water monthly testing: (New every Wednesday)
Total Alkalinity (due 6th May)
Calcium Hardness (due 13th May)
Total Dissolved Solids (due 20th May)
Stabiliser (due 27th May)

If you have staining on your pools walls or floor you should have the levels of iron and copper checked. If the water in your area is free from metals and the swimming pool water shows no symptoms of metals being present it will be unnecessary for you to have these checked.