Swimming Pool Water Treatment Guide - Adding Your Chlorine

Chlorine should only be added to your swimming pool once your pH and Total Alkalinity levels are coccect. The type of chlorine you are using and the amount already present in the swimming pool will change the amount of new chlorine you need to add. You should always refer back to the chlorine manufacturers instructions to findout the amount of cholrine you need to put into your swimming pool water. To work out the amount of water your pool has you should check with the swimming pool manufacturer or you can contact us (or if you want you can search online for 'swimming pool water volume calculators').

Under the influence of UV light chlorine will degrade repidly, you can read more about this in our 'Stabilizer Testing' news article. Due to this you should only add your chlorine to the swimming pool water when the sun is low at eary evening or late afternoon, so that the chlorine can dissolve and thoroughly mix before the suns rays can damage and affect your pools chlorine levels too much.

To ensure the chlorine is evenly distributed around the whole swimming pool you should do one of:

  1. Evenly scatter / pour the chlorine around your swimming pool
  2. Slowly pour the chlorine in front of flow jets which will rapidly spread the chlorine out around the pool

To ensure sufficient sanitation your pools chlorine level should be kept at a level of 1.0 - 3.0ppm.

Water shock treatment may be need is you have high level of contamination or a strong smell of chlorine around your pool. Water shock treatment involves adding large amount of non-chlorine oxidisers (non-stabilized chlorine) to your pools water. This will destroy any offending matter very fast.

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