Splash And Relax In The Snow With A Great Sledge At A Great Price

It seems strange after the Indian summer that has been experienced in the UK that thoughts now turn to winter but the weather maps are already showing great swathes of bright blue as the Arctic winds and weather wend our way. Nature has a way of levelling out its weather over a period of time and there is always the possibility of a winter like last year.

Splash and Relax have been set up for the changing weather for some time and have a vast range of winter sports equipment ready for the oncoming season. Splash and Relax have always tried to cover the full range of leisure equipment to cater for all tastes and prices and the sledge market is an excellent advertisement for this policy. Snow is fickle and so the cost of having expensive sledges standing round in case the snow comes is sometimes a little too much in these times of austerity but Splash and Relax have tried to counter this with an excellent selection of sledges which do not cost a great deal and this year there is a vast array of plastic sledges that cost less than £15 and with prices as low as £5 per sledge. This means that the whole family can have a sledge and that nobody gets left out.

Splash and Relax have taken the families requirements to heart and they now can supply sledges in packs of 3 at a greatly reduced price so that there is enough for the family or spares for friends that drop round. Snow very often does not announce its coming and the first sign of arrival is in the morning when the curtains are opened, many times it lasts only a short while or it is difficult to get to the shops for a sledge at the last minute so readiness for the conditions does help.

Splash and Relax is proud to give an up market but low cost example of their sledges by promoting the Snow Flyer Blue Sledge with Brakes. This is a great sledge that costs just less than £15 but has a racy appearance in a bright blue colour made out of a H D P E plastic which makes the sledge rigid enough to hold its passengers but which has enough movement to take the bumps and valleys of the snowy slope with ease. It is good even at very low temperatures and has 2 sturdy plastic brakes to allow the rider to slow down if going too fast or getting near the end of the run. This sledge had excellent sliding capabilities and is ideal for the adventurous youngster who wants a little speed to add to the excitement.

Splash and Relax have a superb range of sledges besides the Snow Flyer and a look at the Splash and Relax web site will allow a vast insight into the winter world of sledges and if a move to something more exotic is required Splash and Relax will have it.