Splash And Relax Stock An Enormous Amount Of Sledges

Splash and Relax have switched their attention from summer to winter with a complete change from the hot weather sports and fun based outside pursuits to the cold weather outside activities and the warm indoor games market. Probably there is nobody that has set up better than this excellent web based activities supplier for the anticipation of the snow of winter, and they are totally committed to supplying the best equipment both in quality and price.

The sledge market is a major area and Splash and Relax have brought together a vast array of sledges of different designs and materials ready for the new season. At present Splash and Relax have over 10,000 sledges in stock in pristine condition to be sent quickly and cheaply to their customers. Last year the great snowfalls gave an unprecedented demand on the suppliers and unfortunately sledges sold out very quickly across the UK. Splash and Relax are determined to be ready for the winter and have great stock levels.

Splash and Relax are also delighted to announce that there are a lot of excellent new sledges, which have come onto the market during 2013 ready for the new season as well as the very best of the normal range of sledges.

Splash and Relax are pleased to promote the range of plastic sledges, as there is a fantastic diversity among this group. It is possible to source a snow glider plastic sledge for less than £5 and even this sledge will give hours of fun. It is made with a simple handle to control it and a circular disc to sit on. This can be easily carried or thrown in the back of the car for use on the nearby slopes. The counter to that is a super Double Snow Racer Blue or Red Toboggan which is a top of the range sledge with a steering wheel, which can be controlled from a nice central seat and with fitted claw grip braking system for slowing the speed of travel but which only costs a little over £90.

Traditionalists are taken care of by Splash and Relax by a superb range of toboggans based on the old style. These are usually made of wood with excellent runners and a great seat for sitting or lying down. There are various versions including one for the smaller child complete with a backrest for safety and security along with a rope for pulling along in the snow. To top the range Splash and Relax have included the Snow Boogie Phantom X sledge which is a high tech version of the toboggan and a delight for any larger child.

Splash and Relax complete their Sledge range with some excellent inflatable sledges. In the past these may have been thought of as poor in quality and speed but the latest designs stocked by Splash and Relax are superb in both quality and speed and they are now some of the best sledges available on the market. Take a look at the excellent web site to see the full range of sledges and snowboards to find just the right sledge for the family and be ready for when the snow comes. Splash and Relax are all geared up for this winter with their huge stocks of sledges, so get yours today.