Canadian Spa Halifax Garden Hot Tub



Canadian Spa Halifax Garden Hot Tub
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Splash & Relax are the UK's leading online retailer for the world renowned hot tub range from Canadian Spa.

Designed for customers who want a big spa in a smaller package, the Halifax offers all the benefits and therapy of a large spa in a less obtrusive size. This hot tub is an excellent family and entertainment spa with a powerful 4 Hp pump, 34 adjustable hydrotherapy massage jets and 12 air jets. Perimter LED lighting and MP3 sound system are also new features  for this Aurora model. Includes a circulation pump for whisper-quiet filtration through the night.

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Product Detail Product Detail

Designed for customers who want a big spa in a smaller package, the Halifax offers all the benefits and therapy of a large spa in a less obtrusive size. This hot tub is an excellent family and entertainment spa with a powerful 4 Hp pump, 34 adjustable hydrotherapy massage jets and 12 air jets. Also includes a circulation pump for whisper-quiet filtration through the night.

All-chrome jets are supplied as standard. The jets are supplied by a manifold pipework setup to maximise flow to the jets. The Halifax is upgraded with a 1.5Hp heated air blower that injects millions of heated, soothing bubbles into the spa. This “soft tissue” massage system is excellent for skin therapy exfoliating and opening up the skin's blood vessels to increase blood flow and clear toxins from you skin. Add to this Canadian Spa's turbo charge system that lets you divert the heated air from the 1.5Hp hot air blower and inject it into the massage jets for a change in the jet action and increased pressure.

The Halifax comes complete with an aroma therapy injection system coupled to the hot air blower allowing you to enjoy the benefits of aroma therapy while in your spa. This 4 person spa features four captain’s chairs and its full depth 85cm shell allows seating that keeps you up to your neck in hot water. The spa carries a 25 year structure warrantee and is constructed from a triple layer Durra-bond system that creates a shell of incomparable quality and durability.

The spa features a state of the art water quality management process and Ozone water purification system. This advanced feature purifies water using activated oxygen reducing the amount of chlorine needed. Included in this package is an underwater light, moulded head rests, and an insulation package designed to keep your spa hot even in the brutal Canadian winters. The spa enables users to control the water flow so as to concentrate water flow to various seats for truly therapeutic muscle massage.

Supplied with a  hard top safety spa cover; two installed filters; and a top quality Durawood maintenance-free cabinet with solid base.


- 4 deep seated bucket seats
- 34 hydro-massage water jets, stainless-steel accented
- Digital Balboa M7 controls with back light
- Mazzi injected “slow flow” ozone system
- Air controls
- 1 x 4 HP water pump
- Heated Air Blower with 12 air jets
- 3.0 kW Balboa heater
- 24/7 water purification system with ozone purification
- Premium underwater LED lighting system
- Perimeter LED lighting
- MP3 sound system.
- 2 x 50 sq.-ft threaded filters
- 3 moulded headrests
- Water Diverter
- Plasma water purification system
- Reverse moulded neck jets
- LED lit cascading Waterfall
- Aromatherapy injection system
- Premium underwater lighting system
- High-quality maximum triple layer insulation package

Available in the stock colour Silver Marble as standard, or Caribbean Blue and Gypsum on a 10-12 week lead time for a small extra charge. Please contact us for further information.


                Canadian Spa 2012 Brochure
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Supplied with a top quality Durawood maintenance-free cabinet with solid base. The following shell & cabinet combinations are available:-

  • Silver Marble shell with Charcoal Grey cabinet (standard stock colour)
  • Gypsum shell with Chocolate cabinet (8-10 weeks to order)
  • Caribbean Blue shell with Cedar-effect cabinet (8-10 weeks to order)

Select from two packages:-

Delivery and Warranty Package 1 is included, with delivery to kerbside by courier; a 2 year Parts Warranty on the pumps; 2 year Parts Warranty on all other electrical and plumbing equipment. The spa surface is guaranteed for 8 years and the structure for 10 years.

Delivery, Install and Warranty Package 2 also includes positioning at the desired spa site by our staff; setting up, filling and commissioning the spa to ensure everything is in full working order. A full on-site 24 month warranty is also included.

Please note: if you are not taking advantage of our installation option for this spa then it will be delivered by carrier to your kerbside. Note the weight of the spa shown in the table below as it will be your responsibility to provide manpower on the day of delivery to safely unload it from the delivery vehicle and position it in your desired location.


Canadian Spa Company Warranty with Spa :

Canadian Spa Co. Manufacturing extends the following warranties to the original purchasers of its portable spas:

Structural Warranty:
Canadian Spa Co. warrants structure of the spa shell against water loss due to structural failure for the period of 25 years from the date of purchase by the original owner. If in Canadian Spa Co. opinion, structure proves to be defective Canadian Spa Co. will repair or, at its option, replace the defective structure without charge to the customer.

Surface Warranty:
Canadian Spa Co. warrants the acrylic finish against defects in material and workmanship and specifically against blistering, cracking or delamination for the period of Three (3) years from the original purchase date to the original purchaser. In Canadian Spa Co. opinion, the surface proves to be defective during this period, Canadian Spa Co. will repair or, at its option, replace the defective spa shell without charge to the customer.

Plumbing Warranty:
Canadian Spa Co. warrants the plumbing of the spa will remain free from leaks for the period of two (2) years from the date of purchase to the original purchaser.
Equipment Warranty: Canadian Spa Co. warrants the equipment pack (pump, blowers, heater, and control system) against malfunction and defects in the materials and workmanship for two (2) years from the date of purchase to the original purchaser.

Skirting Warranty:
Canadian Spa Co. warrants the wood skirting surrounding the spa to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of purchase. Because wood is a natural product and subject to weathering, any fading, crazing, cracking or warping of the wood finish is not covered. Synthetic skirting may also have the same weathering all be it much slower

Extent of Warranty:
This Limited Warranty applies to portable spas manufactured after January 1st 2010 and sold by authorised Canadian Spa Co. dealers to residential retail customers. This Limited Warranty is given only to the first retail purchaser and terminates upon transfer of ownership. No warranty is provided on light bulbs, light lens covers, filters or any dealer installed accessories. Cost of installation, removal and/or shipping of the spa is not covered by this Limited Warranty. In the event Canadian Spa Co. deems necessary the removal of the spa to a place of repair or that the spa must be replaced, any and all costs of the spa removal and replacement; landscaping, decking, fencing and/or structure removal, alteration and/or replacement; or other costs of providing access to the spa will be for the purchaser. This Warranty applies only to spas in single family, residential installations. This Limited Warranty becomes void if the spa is placed in a commercial application.

Any defect or damage caused by installation, alteration or repair by anyone who is not an employee of Canadian Spa Co. or authorised service technician is not covered by the Warranty. This Warranty becomes void if the spa has been subjected to misuse, abuse, alteration or attempted alteration, repairs or attempted repairs by anyone other than an authorised Canadian Spa Co. service technician, improper installation, improper water chemistry, improper maintenance, acts of god, or damage caused beyond the control of Canadian Spa Co. Misuse and abuse shall include any operation of the spas other than as directed in the Canadian Spa Co. Manual.
Examples of misuse and abuse include, without limitation:
• Damage of the spa surface caused by leaving the spa uncovered while the spa is empty of water or due to covering the spa with plastic film of any kind.
• Damage to the spa surface caused by contact with cleaners or solvents.
• Damage caused by the operation of the spas at water temperatures outside of the range of 34 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Damage caused by unapproved sanitizer such as calcium hypochlorite, tri-chlor type chlorine or any sanitising chemical that may remain undissolved on the spa surface.
• Damage caused by failure to provide even sufficient support for the spa.

Warranty Performance:
In the event of a defect covered under the terms of this Limited Warranty, notify your authorised Canadian Spa Co dealer. A Canadian Spa Co. authorised service technician will repair the spa subject to the Terms and Conditions of this Limited Warranty. Use all reasonable means to protect the spa from further damage. Reasonable travel charges may be assessed by Canadian Spa Co. or its authorised service technician if the spa is located outside the nearest authorised service technician’s service area. This warranty covers parts ONLY and does not include travel or on-site service charges unless a Service Contract has been purchased from Canadian Spa Co. Ltd.

Canadian Spa Co. or any of its authorised service technicians shall not be held liable for injury, inconvenience,loss of use, chemical or water damage, transportation costs, continent liabilities or any other incidental or consequential costs, expenses or damage as result of any deficiency or alleged deficiency of the spa. In no event shall Canadian Spa Co. be liable, for any reason or cause, in excess of the amount paid for the product. No other warranties, expressed or implied, are valid. No agent, dealer, distributor, Service Company or other party is authorised to change, modify or extend the terms of this Limited Warranty in any manner whatsoever.
Product Specification Product Specification
Brand:Canadian Spa
No. of Seats:4Size:213 x 161 x 85cm
Capacity:700 litresDry Weight:219 kg
Insulation:YESTotal Jets:48
Air Jets:12 Directional Jets:4
Luxury Swirl Jets:23 Neck Jets:7
Massage Seats:4 Headrests:3
2 Speed Pump (HP):4Circulation Pump:YES
Blower:1.5 hpHeater:3 kW
Ozone Purifier:YESLight:LED
Chemical Kit:OptionalWarranty:2 YEARS
Finance Option:YESKerbside Delivery:Optional
Installation:OptionalType:Luxury and Garden
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