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Bestway Inflatables has one main aim, to facilitate fun and recreation for people from all walks of life with all budgets with their wide variety of products. The extensive line of products produced from Bestway range from above ground swimmings pools to inflatable airbeds, summer toys to professional boats and many other leisure products on top of their well known best way pools. To quote Bestway: "If it’s fun and inflatable, we make it".

Bestway believe in customer satisfaction, and hold it a a main concern with every products produced, because they that repeated satisfaction from every customer if the 'best way' to bring customers back for more fun and leisure-able products time and time again. Along with the extensive after sales customer services support network Bestway runs, they also have a vertically integrated factory environment among others to help ensure a 100% satisfaction guarantee across all levels of customer service.

The vertically integrated factories which Bestway operates allows them to not only maintain the highest levels of quality control in all their products, but also offer the most competitive prices in the market. Every aspect of product fabrication from the very start of raw materials right through to the finished product, has a fully qualified Bestway employee behind if due to the vertical integrations in place, meaning each and every product is measured for excellence. This means that not only can Bestway offer the most competitive pricing on all its superior products, but they will also back them all with both a limited warranty and dedicated after-sales support/customer service.

Bestway provide you with quality products and an advanced customer service support they deserve. Bestway’s Internet services and free phone centres allow customers to easily resolve issues that arise with their Bestway products. The multi lingual website, www.bestway-service.com is a knowledge base that offers download-able manuals, instructional DVDs, along with FAQ's and the ability for customers to order spare parts. Regional call centres provide the added dimension of support for those unfamiliar with computers or unable to find specific answers to their questions.

The Bestway Group has experienced much development and growth over the past decade. The benefits of vertically integrated factories, a global sales network and after-sales support services have dramatically amplified their reputation among both retail and corporate customers. This has in turn made the Bestway brand name into a globally recognised producer of premium products.

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26 May 2011
Well if you have a few tens of thousands of pounds to spare then you could go the whole hog and have an in ground swimming pool installed, yet if you are like most of us then you may not have £20,000 lying around to install an in ground swimming pool. ...
17 Feb 2011
Intex oval frame pools are virtually like having an in ground swimming pool. Yet they feature the same easy simplicity and ease of construction as the Intex easy set pools. In addition they offer the virtually the same large sizes as an in ground swimming...
25 Jan 2011
Make no mistake being able to afford to buy a swimming pool and being able to afford to heat it can be a very different matter...
26 May 2011
The typical soft liner frame supported pool has many advantages for the family in the summer days, and has the advantage that it can be safely deconstructed in the Winter, and stowed safely away when not needed. They are very easy to erect and all you ...
16 Mar 2011
Well you have bought your new Intex swimming pool, built it up and installed it, filled it with water and you have begun to use it. However you might want to consider the purchase of a few accessories, as whilst they come with a high capacity and high ...