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Inflatable Hot Tubs

We provide a range of Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tubs as shown above.

We cater for those on a budget, and those looking for the very best tub available on the market. Thankfully regardless of budget, Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs are some of the most quality products available to buy. It's for that reason alone that the brand is a household name these days.

Another reason for their reputation within the industry; other than the quality, is the price. Lay Z Spa tubs are renowned for being the cheapest on the market, and that is no exception today.

One of our best sellers is the 2014 Miami inflatable hot tub priced at just £399.99, which includes VAT and Free Delivery.

We also have the Monaco Rigid Portable version available at just £699.99, which again includes VAT and delivery. While this alternative takes up more space in the garden and in storage, it's a great choice if you're planning to use your new hot tub regularly, perhaps in the summer evenings.

An inflatable hot tub is a great choice if you want to use it every now and then, with friends around; but perhaps look at a more permanent structure in the form of a garden hot tub if you're looking for something for much more regular use.

Order a tub or spa from us today and you'll typically receive it within 3-5 working days; so get ready to enjoy your new tub - it could be here sooner than you think!