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Hot Tubs and Spa

Hot Tubs are our speciality; our range extends from cheap hot tubs, to the more luxurious garden spas, with many different styles and a comprehensive range of prices. We also stock the latest range of Accessories to keep your products running efficiently and effectively. Our range extends from just £295 for the Lay-Z-Spa, one of our most popular inflatable tubs; all the way up to some very large luxury alternatives. So we are sure to have the hot tub or garden spa you have been looking for all these years!

We also have a range of informational documents and frequently asked questions available to view online:

If you need any help with making an order, please contact us - our UK office number is 0845 459 9955

Whats Important To Look At Before Choosing A New Hot Tub?

The hot tub or Jacuzzi is an item that can be fairly expensive so make sure that you choose carefully and correctly exactly the right one for you. These days there are so many different sizes and types for you to choose from that it can be more than a little confusing.

One of the reasons that this has happened is not just because the tub or spa manufacturer is trying to be different from the next one but also because the customers have so many different needs. So consider your needs carefully and take advice from a good supplier and get the best one for your requirements. Obviously size is important, decide how many are going to use it and the typical usage you are expecting.

You do not need a super giant size if the grandchildren come once a year but the rest of the time there is only two of you. Decide if you want it for general relaxation purposes or is it going to be a massage system for those limbs that are getting more difficult to get mobile. Pick the layout of seats for deep sitting and massage and for sitting higher up. Get one with good controls to manage the hydro flow systems that make the thing work.

Balboa are probably the best known of the spa control systems manufacturers and they are now so large and respected that this is a good starting point and one with which to compare other systems against. The massaging systems are obviously very important so examine the jet system, go and see one working and see where the jets are positioned, make sure the system is a high flow manifold system which gives an even flow through each jet.

There will probably be a number of rotating massaging jets, which are adjustable to give you a variety of different types of massage. Decide whether you require the luxury pack with several luxury jets and 12 air jets for that little extra. You can now get a hand held massage jet which will fit into any of the jet holes and which can be used to massage just where you need it to be. As something that you will hopefully be using for a long time, it's important to do thorough checks to ensure what you're buying is correct. Do not be afraid to ask if you can try one, the supplier may not always be able to accommodate you but you can ask.