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Your Guide to Above Ground Swimming Pools

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Introduction to Above Ground Swimming Pools

We have a large selection of above ground swimming pools at the lowest prices in the UK! Our above ground pools come from only top brand names such as Intex Pools, Bestway and others. All of which offer the highest quality in pool materials, easy installation and no special preparation requirements, which makes our above ground swimming pools very popular.

We have a large selection of many types of above ground pools for you to choose from including some fantastic splasher pools, metal frame pools, wooden pools and many more along with swimming pool accessories and extras to make your pool experience that bit better.

What are Above Ground Swimming Pools?

Above ground pools are a type of swimming pool which are general the first and main choice for many pool buyers due to the fact they have no requirement to be installed in the ground meaning they are much easier, simpler and faster to install in your home. Above ground swimming pools come in a number of different styles and size which can be broken down into the 8 categories as listed above.

Types of Above Ground Pools

Above ground swimming pools can be split into 8 different types of pools as listed above. Each of these different types of above ground pools are designed to be used in different ways such as being portable, easy to take down and move, fast setup to keep the children happy in the hot summer sun, finish off a fantastic UK garden scene and so on.

Having fun is good for the mind 

Not only are all types of above ground swimming pools a great summer activity for all the family, children and adults alike, but they can and most likely will open up your social life, your neighbours will be popping around in the hot weather to see when the next pool party is?

Buying any of the above ground swimming pools is a great way to get your kids playing in the garden when the suns out and you'll be the envy of the street. With the finest selection of above ground pools UK has to offer, call Splash and Relax today or browse our pools below.

Paddling Pools from 4.49

  • Huge choice of sizes to suit any back yard or garden
  • Intex and Bestway manufactured
  • Range of cartoon-style and Disney pools

View our entire range of paddling pools

Inflatable Pools from 29.99

  • Intex and Bestway manufactured
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Wide range of sizes and designs

View our range of inflatable pools

Metal Frame Round Pools from 34.99

  • Intex and Bestway portable pools
  • Up to 24ft pools in size
  • Easy to set up and maintain

View our metal frame round pools