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Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Specialists

Swimming Pools are our speciality at Splash and Relax! And our extensive range of cheap swimming pools includes a wide variety of many different types of the highest quality pools to suit any budgets for the whole family, friends, parties and so on! Along with all these wonderful pools we also stock a vast range of Swimming Pool accessories.

You can read more about the specific types of swimming pools we have to offer by clicking threw to each of the product categories above, but to make sure you know the basics and differences between above ground and in ground pools, we suggest that you at least read the following about above ground pools and in-ground pools as well as the below.

Swimming Pools In Stock Now!

Why not check out all our quality swimming pools from our new above ground pools page, where you will find all the different types of pools you could want along with information why each type of pool could be the ideal pool for you! Don't forget to check out all the types of swimming pools we offer so you are sure to find the best type for you, your family, friends and garden area!

Reasons To Buy A Swimming Pool

The best a foremost reason we can think of is quite a basic and general one... who would not want to buy a swimming pool for the whole family to enjoy in the summer sun? Other than those that have a fear of water, most of us would surely say 'yes I would love to buy a swimming pool for myself, family and friends to all enjoy on hot summers days!'

So whats holding you back? We have plenty of swimming pools in many different styles, shapes and sizes to suit all budgets from the small to the extreme meaning cheap swimming pool prices are perfect for everyone. Even if you're not after something too large, or too fancy, you're sure to find something to suit your needs and budget from one of our small, medium, large, in-ground, above-ground, inflatable, paddling, wooden, metal framed and so on types of pools.

Even if you and/or your children are keen swimmers, you may be thinking its best to be sure of the reasons and advantages to buying and owning your very own family above ground swimming pool.

You may want a pool just because you can afford one, and they are a nice status symbol that says, “I have arrived”. But take your time to think a little further about how a swimming pool would benefit you and your family as well as the different types and you will see that a swimming pool is not only a symbol, but also a great investment for years to come.

Relaxation of Swimming Pools:

Thinking about the relaxation aspect of a cheap swimming pool, whether you like diving into the pool, or just floating on an inflatable armchair reading a book in one hand with a martini in the other, having a pool really can help you to relax in many ways.

Fitness of Swimming Pools:

The fitness aspect alone is well worth considering, if you find running for exercise to be hard on your body and jarring your joints, then swimming could well be the thing to keep you fit whether you're looking for a small cheap swimming pool or a bigger option. Swimming has virtually zero impact on your joints and is well known to build all round fitness, and helps shed those extra pounds of weight off your tummy fast.

Entertainment of a Swimming Pool:

There is also the entertainment factor to consider (something we all have in mind when looking at swimming pools), because when you buy a swimming pool you will suddenly find yourself very popular with your friends and family, and likely to be at the top of the list of houses to visit for summer barbecues, birthdays and so on. With all that in mind and the right supervision pool parties can turn into some of the greatest family memories to share and talk about for a long time! Virtually every one loves a barbecue on a hot summer’s day with a dip in the pool to cool off after. Not only that but encouraging your children to play games in the pool will also help to keep them fit whilst having fun, so its a health past time they can enjoy in sight and the safety of your own back garden.

Lastly, after a hard day at work it is nice just to sit with your feet in the pool with a glass of wine and watch the sunset – swimming pools can be very relaxing!

Swimming Pool Accessories

We also stock a range of Pool accessories including Pool Cleaning & Chemicals, Pool Pumps, Filters & Counter Current, Pool Ladders, Covers, Liners & Reels, Pool Heating, Pool Lighting, Pool Inflatables, Pool Toys & Games and Swimming Aids.

For our customers buying online we also provide Pools Buyer's Guide, Swimming Pool Information, Delivery information on Pools, our Warranties for Pools.

If you need help with buying a Swimming Pool then please give us a call. Our UK office number is 0800 032 4537