Portable Spas

The Portable Spa - The Best Inflatable Portable Hot Tubs!

The introduction of the portable spa is something that gives an interesting number of variations that can be considered through the year. The word portable gives the idea that such a hot tub or spa can be put up and taken down at will in a matter of minutes and this is in strictly exact terms accurate, whether you would actually want to take it up and down is something else.

The big advantage of the inflatable portable hot tub is that it can be laid out, inflated and connected to its pump in less than 10 minutes but it will take an hour or so to fill with a few hundred gallons of water. It will then take up to a day to heat up to temperature.

The chemical treatment of the water must be carried out and a regular maintenance set up installed. Once erected filled and set up then it can be left in position as long as wanted or until the winter weather takes its toll. Then the portable system works exceedingly well. The whole unit can be emptied of water in a very sort time, the pump cleaned and dried and put in a warm storage and the inflatable pool can be deflated and dried and stored until the next year. None of the draining and ensuring that every pipe is kept clear of water that occurs with the large fixed units is required..

The question that can it be moved around quickly and taken to a new location is a more difficult one. In practice taking down and erecting again can be carried out relatively quickly but it would not be sensible to do it for a one off occasion. The extra heating and water costs would make you think twice. If however you were going on holiday for a week or two then the inflatable hot tub could go quite easily and in the right circumstances would be a super extra facility. Added to the camper van or caravan it would be ideal.

The typical snowbird would be able to get an all year advantage. The transport would be easy as the big models only weigh about 50 kgs and they pack down quite small. With portable inflatable hot tubs being made from a type of leatheroid material there is always a chance that some damage could be done by a sharp object but these can be mended and careful handling should avoid any problems and re-inflating causes no real problems.

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