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When it comes to pool tables and games tables in general, BCE are the leaders. They are without doubt the UK's number provider of cue sports to both professionals and the average games room player.

BCE can offer some of the most comprehensive range of games tables, pool tables, table tennis tables, football tables and multi games tables. The company are well known in the UK for producing high quality games tables that are strong, durable and allow competitive game play for various skill levels.

At Splash and Relax, BCE can offer games tables for a variety of people. Whether you are looking be the casual player at home with your friends on you wish to share you games table in your social club, BCE can provide the right choice for you. Suitable for those on a budget, too.

In short, BCE is at the forefront of cue sports and the home gaming industry. We here at Splash and Relax are confident that you won't have any troubles in providing yourself with the ultimate in home games table.


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