We have some of the best fireworks for sale in our UK fireworks shop from sparklers to roman candles and wheels, multi shot barrage packs and rockets to display fireworks!

Our range of online fireworks are of the highest quality in both safety and spectacularness but are also well priced to be offered as cheap fireworks without cutting back on a great fireworks display all the family can enjoy in safety (please always remember to read the label and keep as far back as the minimum requirements).

Many people ask “where to buy fireworks?” and we always tell them that it does not matter whether you buy your fireworks online or in store, always, always remember to read the safety instructions and buy from a reportable supplier so you know you are getting a safe and high quality products.

Please note: There are very few courier companies that accept fireworks for delivery and we incur a larger than normal charge. A delivery charge of £25 is applicable for all fireworks orders regardless of value. Other items from our large range will also incur a delivery charge if the value of these is below £50.