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Since its beginnings over a decade ago, Elecro has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of specialist water heating equipment. The company was founded specifically to produce high quality, reliable, yet affordable swimming pool heaters. However this rapidly expanded into several other market places including aquatic heating, tropical marine heating & several other specialist sectors.

Elecro started producing electric water heating equipment for the swimming pool industry. This side of the business has continued to grow, and now clients include some of the industry's leading names. The company has also diversified into other marketplaces building a superb reputation for quality products and technical support.

Much of Elecro's success is owed to its dedication to constant research and development. It is the company's desire to strive for excellence, which ensures the consumer gets the very best products and service at the lowest possible prices. They have assembled a team of highly skilled employees, including an excellent technical team who are always on hand to answer any queries. Elecro Engineering is dedicated to building lasting relationships with its customers.


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