Airboard products

Airboard D produces and offer customers the ultimate inflatable sledge for snow and even for water based fun. Available online at Splash & Relax are the Airboard Classis 50 Kids Inflatable Sledge, Softboard Regular Inflatable Sledge, Freeride 180 Inflatable Sledge, Classic 130 Inflatable Sledge, Wet Kit Inflatable Sledge and the king of sledges – The Airboard Freeride 180-X Inflatable Sledge.
Airboard build inflatable sledges that can offer some of the fastest sledging on the market. For customers looking to test their abilities on the slopes this winter, or look cooler than your average skier in France on your holiday, then these sledges are the ones.
Those starting on a lower level should try the Classic Kids Inflatable Sledge or the Classic 120 Inflatable Sledge. However, think you can reach the fastest heights? Then the Airboard Freeride 180-X Inflatable Sledge will be your tool. Check it out and other Airboard products at Splash and Relax now!

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