Air Beds and Camping Buying Guide

Air Beds and Camping Products from Splash and Relax

Air Beds and Pillows from 3.99...
Air Beds and Pillows from 3.99... 
  • Small pillows and fun chairs 
  • Air beds built by Bestway and Intex
  • Large airbeds for domestic use
  • Electric pumps available for ease of use
Range of Pumps from 4.99...
Range of Pumps from 4.99... 
  • Air hammer inflation pumps
  • Sidewinder AC pumps
  • Mini inflator pumps
  • Strong, durable designs in various sizes


Tents catering for up to 4 people...
Tents catering for up to 4 people... 
  • Beach tents
  • Twist n' Fold tents
  • Dome Tents
  • Tents catering 1 to 4 men
Sleeping bags available from 12.99...
Sleeping bags available from 12.99... 
  • Classic mummy style sleeping bags
  • Comfort Quest camping mats
  • Stay warm and cosy
  • Available with built in pillows 

 Your guide to Air Beds and Camping from Splash and Relax

Introduction to Air Beds and Camping

Splash and Relax are proud to offer you a wide range of air beds for domestic and camping use, as well as a whole camping range for you trip that lies ahead. Camping is a big part of the British holidays, with thousands of people descending onto large woodland and green areas on a regular basis.

Whether you are heading to the district with your family or organising a fun weekend around a came fire with your friends, Splash and Relax is the most affordable online outlet to cater your up and coming trip.

 Which tent will cater your trip?

Depending on the amount of people, you'll need a think as to which one to buy. Available is a decent range of tents, spanning from one man tents to four man tents. If you are a couple then it would be suggested you go for a 3 man tent from Splash and Relax at £39.99 - give yourself and your bags the space and comfort you deserve.

Heading to a festival with your friends? Then the 4 man tent at £89.99 will be ideal. Available with a center porch and large canopy, you'll have the luxury of space to sleep and enjoy drinks in your mobile home for the weekend. 

Lastly, Splash and Relax provide a range of tents for ease of use in the Twist n' Fold range. These pop up tents are extremely easy to put up and pack away and start at a great price of £17.99 with the Secura Twist n' Fold Beach Tent.

Added comfort for the weekend

There is no doubt you'll need the following to complete your weekend in the wild. Firstly, choose from over range of air beds, starting at £7.99, built by Intex and Bestway. Secondly, choose a pillow, again built by Bestway, you can find one online at Splash and Relax from just £3.99.

The last thing to get you set and ready to go has to be the sleeping bag. Choosing the Mummy Style Sleeping Bag will keep you warm and cosy for the coming trip, and at £12.99, it is no argument that you need this product.

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