Pool Inflatables Buying Guide

Buying Pool Inflatables from Splash & Relax 

Get set for the summer holidays!
Get set for the summer holidays! 
  • Over 100 pool inflatables available to buy!
  • Easy to take abroad!
  • Made by excellent brands including Intex!


Summer classics from Splash & Relax!
Summer classics from Splash & Relax! 
  • Dozens of lilos and recliner lounges!
  • Tubes and rubber dinghies!
  • Old school beach balls!
  • Every pool inflatable you can think of!


Cool designs!
Cool designs! 
Pool inflatables accessories!
Pool inflatables accessories! 
  • Battery and foot pumps!
  • Air hammer pumps!
  • Oars for inflatable rafts!
  • Domestic lifebelts!

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Your Guide to Splash & Relaxes Pool Inflatables 

Introduction to Pool Inflatables

Whether you are a child or a grown up, every loves getting there hands on some form of pool inflatable when they are in the water. You may be on holiday or you may just be down your local swimming pool. Regardless, you'll be wants to play with that classic beach ball or lounge around on the recliner sun lounger

Splash and Relax currently stock into the thousands of swimming pools. Steel pools, inflatable pools, wooden pools or metal frame spools - you name it, we sell it. With these pools in mind, we stock over 100 pool inflatables to ensure you have the right accessories to enhance your fun in the sun.

Intex Pool Inflatables

A large selection of our pool inflatables are made by one of the world's leading inflatables manufacturers, Intex. Now not only do Intex produce our pool inflatables, they also produce a large percentage of our swimming pools, too.

The company has driven itself into producing quality products that bring the enjoyment of garden swimming pools to millions of people across the world with their above ground pools and inflatables. 

They have a huge manufacturing base in China and dedicate themselves to bring the highest grade vinyl and heat sealed inflatables products which are on sale to you guys here at Splash & Relax. 

Pool Accessories from £3.49!

With such a wide range of swimming pools available online at Splash & Relax, it is only right customers have the correct accessories to maintain their pools. 

Whether customers have a steel pool, wooden pool or any above or in-ground swimming pool, we have dozens of accessories.

Our accessories include pool thermometers, chemical floaters and floor protectors. Keeping to a high standard, our accessories are made by Intex, Bestway and Easy Cove. 

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