Radio Controlled Toys Buying Guide

Choose a Radio Controlled Toy from Splash and Relax 

RC Boats from 24.99!
RC Boats from 24.99! 
  • Jet boat, Yacht and Jet Ski Replicas at 1:25 Scale
  • Powerful 380 type racing motors
  • Quick and easy to maneuver
  • Sleek designs, excellent ranges

View our radio controlled boats here

RC Cars from 8.49!
RC Cars from 8.49! 
  • Well over 100 RC Cars online!
  • Replicas include Subaru, Audi and Mini
  • Exciting buggies!
  • Motorcycles!

View our radio controlled cars here

RC Flying from 24.99!
RC Flying from 24.99! 
  • Reach the skies with exciting helicopters!
  • Military replica helicopters
  • Gyro technology
  • Up to 4 channel flying!

View our radio controlled flying machines here

RC Construction and Tanks from 24.99!
RC Construction and Tanks from 24.99! 
  • Forklifts to Excavators
  • Military tanks with infrared tech!
  • Excellent distance and speed
  • Metal bodies tanks to take anywhere!

View our radio controlled construction and tanks

Your guide to Splash and Relaxes Radio Controlled Toys

Introduction to Radio Controlled Toys 

Radio Controlled Toys, or more commonly known as 'RC Toys', are self powered cars, trucks, flying machines which can be controlled from a distance, model depending. The actual term 'RC' have been used to mean either 'remote controlled' and 'radio controlled', where remote controlled includes vehicles controlled via wire, with remote controlled being wireless.

When choosing an RC car from Splash and Relax, you have a chance to battle any element. Battle air with our range of flying machines, earth with our awesome cars and tanks and water with our speedy range of boats.


Buying RC Toys on a budget!

RC toys may seem expensive at first thought. However, with Splash and Relax, this isn't the case. To summarise, we have a radio controlled boat from £24.99 in the Radio Controlled 1:25 Scale Jet Boat - an excellent water gliding machine with a control distance of 60m and a speed of 3m per second! With our cars, you can grab a Radio Controlled 1:43 Honda Accord from £8.49 - a great first time option available in black or white!

With our flying machines, you can grab an SYMA S108G Marin RC Helicopter from just £24.99 - A gyro tech 'copter designed for indoor flying with a double rotor deign to help stabalize flying, making it easy to fly for children!


Champion radio controlled buggies!

RC racing is a popular sport, as well, with championships taking place worldwide, including the International Federation of Model Auto Racing. This takes place worldwide and is more popular than you think. At Splash and Relax, we provide cars of championship standard.

The Himoto Raptor Off Road Petrol Powered Buggy is to the standard. It has world class characteristics including rear wheel drive, a 9KG throttle service, shaft drive and so much more. This model is robust and can be an exciting racing investment for years to come!

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