Slate Bed Pool and Snooker Tables Buying Guide

Key features of our Slate Bed Pool and Snooker Tables

Pool Tables from 27.95!
Pool Tables from 27.95! 
  • Manufactured by BCE, Mightymast and others
  • From tabletop tables to 7 footers!
  • Various colours and designs
  • Available in 2-in-1 platforms

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Slate Bed Pool Tables from 578.99!
Slate Bed Pool Tables from 578.99! 
  • Constructed using the finest raw materials
  • Extremely durable
  • Sleek, beautiful designs
  • Untold sizes available

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Snooker Tables from 197.89!
Snooker Tables from 197.89! 
  • Made to professional size
  • Special edition tables
  • Folding tables for easy storage
  • Stunning visuals

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Slate Bed Snooker Tables from 2,394.99!
Slate Bed Snooker Tables from 2,394.99! 
  • Manufactured using the finest raw materials
  • Tables used in professional matches
  • Available in Oak and Mahogany
  • Finest felt surfaces in the industry

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Your guide to Splash and Relaxes Pool and Snooker Tables, including Slate Bed Options

Introduction to Pool and Snooker Tables

Without doubt the two most popular cue sports around, with extremely long histories in the world of sport. The tables we supply are all made from excellent manufacturers, including king of cue sports, BCE. 
Accommodating a table into your home is easier than ever due to the vast amount of table sizes available. Customers can purchase tables for table tops, right up to tables of 7ft to give a specific room a special feel that one of our tables can bring.


Introduction to Slate Bed Pool and Snooker Tables
The difference between normal tables and slate bed pool tables is the difference in materials used. Slate bed pool and snooker tables are made to the highest quality using nothing but raw materials. 

These excellent tables are high valued machines and would sit perfectly in snooker halls, social clubs and other large member organisations. The beauty of our pool tables is the authentic coin operated systems, giving you that ‘pub’ feel, making every game special. 
Financing your Slate Bed Pool or Snooker Table
At Splash and Relax we offer a low interest finance option at 14.9% APR. Customers can apply for his finance with purchases between £500 -£15,000 and spread the payments over 1 – 5 years making it a great alternative to cash up front. A 25% deposit will normally apply.
What size table is right for me?
Figure out firstly who will be using it the table. Our tables start from as little as 3ft, which would be ideal for kids. From there tables rise and all the way to 7 footers. Anything inbetween 3 and 7ft would be perfect for casual players to spend hours of time having fun on. For more serious players the 7ft tables would be ideal.
However, be sure to check all dimensions of the table before purchasing, making sure you have the right room space.

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