Wooden Pools Buying Guide

Enjoying a Wooden Pool from Splash and Relax

High Quality Wood...
High Quality Wood... 
  • Top of the range natural timber
  • Eye catching wooden finishes
  • Sturdy wooden ladders 
  • Models available with guarantee packages


Relax, stay fit or have fun...
Relax, stay fit or have fun... 
  • Badu jet option available from £5,195.00
  • Swim endless lengths against a current
  • Power and strength of current fully adjustable to suit you


Prestige Wooden Swimming Pools...
Prestige Wooden Swimming Pools... 
  • High value pools available from Zodiac
  • Large pools up 10.5m meters in length
  • Stunning visuals including stone
Spread the costs with our Finance Option*
Spread the costs with our Finance Option* 
  • We can lend between £500 - £15,000
  • Low interest rate of 14.9%
  • Spread between 1 - 5 years
  • Deposit of 25% normally applies
  • Call us for information

*Subject to status

Your guide to Wooden Pools from Splash and Relax 

Introduction to Wooden Pools

Wooden pools are very high value, this down to their prestige and exquisite wooden finishes, size, weight and versatility to match your garden.

The pools we provide are from top brands including Plastica, Vitality, Zodiac and a new range of wooden exercise pools.

If it is a wooden pool you are looking to enjoy this summer, then Splash and Relax have the right one to suit you.

The importance of weight

Describing something as heavy in a positive aspect is rarely true, wouldn't you agree?

However, having a heavy swimming pool makes it a much safer prospect having it in your garden. Weighing an extremely large amount, burglars and thieve will simply not even think about attempting to steal your wooden pool from Splash and Relax.

Fitness in your swimming pool

The fitness aspect of a swimming pool is well worth considering when choosing a wooden pool. You may find things like running hard on your body and jarring your joints, which is does.

However, swimming could well be the thing to keep you fit whether you are looking for a small cheap swimming pool or a bigger option.

Swimming has no real negative impact on your joints and is proven to be one of the best sports for all round fitness, cardio and muscle building. Shed extra pounds of your weight fast and enjoyably.

Entertainment of a wooden pool

This is also a factor when looking to buy a swimming pool from Splash and Relax. Large options up to 10.5 meters in length are available, so with this exciting amount of space there is no doubt that you will be very popular among your family and friends during those hot summer months. 

With all that in mind and the right supervision, you pool parties can turn into the memories you'll live with forever. Not only will you have exciting parties, but encouraging your children to spend time playing games in the pool will help keep them fit rather than having them sat in front of a video game console - it can become a health past time they will enjoy in sight and safety of your own garden.

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