Yago Pool brought to the UK by Splash and Relax

A new set of game tables have recently been added to the collection on Splash and Relax, Yago Pool, or also sometimes known as finger pool, is the new craze spreading around the world. With this game it uses the combination of hand eye coordination with strategy. When playing Yago Pool it includes 11 balls, 5 red, 5 yellow and 1 blue. The idea is to get one of your 5 balls into the pocket by flicking it with your fingers.
The round is determined by either the first to get three in a row, much like tic-tac-toe. Or it can be the first to pocket all five of their own balls. You can also vary the difficulty. Customers are able to do this by either making straight shots, having to rebound the ball off the sides into the pockets or by using the blue coloured ball to knock into the red and yellow balls to get them into the pockets.
These three different levels of playing allow for anyone of many ages to play, and continue playing as they improve their skills. At Splash and Relax they are constantly trying to improve the product range and bring new fun games and activities into the online games tables market in the UK.
Splash and Relax offer two different kinds of tables, for whatever your needs may be. They have a compact Yago pool table for only £149.99 and an original sized table at a price of £199.99. The compact is much easier to take around with you. Customers are able to use this table in their office or take it somewhere in their car. However, it can lack the correct amount of space needed to play properly, apart from this though it is an excellent starting kit for this new and fun game. The original table offers a complete Yago gaming experience. With the full size table you are able to play the game to its fullest.
Also on offer is a stand for the original sized unit for £179.99, which will turn the unit from a table top board to a freestanding game, this will make it look great in any room you have at home and really enhance your games room. Splash and Relax also offer travel cases for both tables, for a low price of £39.99 and with these you can easily move your table allowing you to take it to parties and events.