Hurry! We are nearly out of stock!

This summer has been one of our busiest ones here for the team at Splash & Relax. Our swimming pools have been in such high demand that we are running incredibly low in stock for the remainder of the season.

Whilst we have had some wet and windy days, the majority of the weather has been superb across the country, allowing customers a chance to enjoy a range of swimming pools from Splash & Relax. 

And to think, it isn’t even August yet!
So what has been popular with our customers this summer 2014? Bought to you by such great brands including Intex and Bestway, our inflatable swimming pools have been ever so popular and in demand. We have been able to offer various sizes to customers for young children and beginners in swimming. Even our large oval framed inflatable pools have sold out this summer, reaching sizes of 20ft in length!
Other sections which include out of stocks include paddling pools, metal frame pools, rectangular pools, splasher pools and other ranges of swimming pools.
So what’s left? Well, for inflatable pools, we have a great range of pools from Summer Escapes. The pools which are available go up to sizes of 15ft x 36” and are ideal for most back gardens and green spaces. These pools come with installation DVD’s and repair patches also. These pools from Summer Escapes are currently selling fast, so be sure to order yours in time to use it this summer season.
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