Inflatable Hot Tubs: What's Hot for 2016?

Inflatable hot tubs are vastly becoming an affordable luxury for all. In 2015 at Splash & Relax we saw record sales across our inflatable hot tubs range, which included the popular Lay-Z-Spa and Intex ranges.

Our most popular inflatable hot tubs included the Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub which is now available for £339.99 and the Intex PureSpa Octagonal Inflatable Hot Tub which is available from £599.99. Both of these stellar tubs include a range of jet therapy and hold up to 4 people each!
So what's new for 2016?
Last year Lay-Z-Spa were the innovators, adding the Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs tub to their line. This year, they're keeping that title as they introduce the Lay-Z-Spa Paris inflatable hot tub, as well as the Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Hydrojet model - a step up from the original Palm Springs model, built with eight directional and flow-adjustable HydroJets!
Here's a little bit about the Lay-Z-Spa Paris hot tub at £499.99...
It has AirJet™ Massage System – 87 air jets create thousands of rejuvenating bubbles
As well as a Rapid Heating System which heats water up to a blissful 40 degrees Celsius   
It's also the very first Lay-Z-Spa to feature a super multicolour LED light system
Integrated Water Filtration System ensures clean sparkly water whenever used
Our inflatable hot tubs are our biggest seller, so our advice would be to jump on ordering them now before the rush begins. In total we have 12 inflatable hot tubs to choose from this Spring, ranging from £339.99 to £799.99! Check them out today!