Full Height Fixed Enclosures


We have a range of Compax fixed swimming pool enclosures.

These fixed swimming pool enclosures will allow you to have a quick dip no matter the weather. It also allows for the front and back to come off completely allowing it to become a canopy. These designs allow for a range of different pool sizes, widths are offered from 6 meters all the way to 9.3 meters.

They are offered in a stylish design of barrel-vault style. With the use of PVC you can feel life your swimming outside whilst still under cover. They also offer UV protection so you can insure no nasty burns.

Although the tubular design may seem inconvenient, only one meter from the side will give you at least 2.05 meters of space so you don’t need to worry about bumping your head.

Don’t forget that all orders over £50 come with free delivery.




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