Low Height Telescopic Enclosures


These are low height telescopic swimming pool enclosures, these are perfect for smaller pools and low level as to not obstruct the view.

These are all designed to insure that a low profile is kept. They start from sizes 21ft x 12 ft and go all the way up to 41ft x 23ft.

All of these low height telescopic swimming pool enclosures are able to be adequately folded away, completely off the pool if the space permits it.

Most of these come with easy to instal tracks to much sure the telescopic enclosure stays in place and is easy to move. However there are models available which are trackless this is too make it so there is nothing obstructing the side of the pools for a cleaner look.

These models cater for pools up to 38ft x 18ft however that are smaller models specifically for the use on small pools such as spa pools to allow for a convenient and quick pack away if needed. We also have a few models that are also suitable for above ground pools.

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