Air Hockey Table Buyer's Guide

Your Guide to Air Hockey Tables

Introduction to Air Hockey Tables

A huge range of tables are available from Splash and Relax from the finest manufacturers around including Mightymast, BCE, Plum Products and others.

We stock air hockey tables in a multitude of styles. Popular tables come in arcade format, mid level tables and even mini tables which are suitable for children and beginners. Our air hockey tables also come in 2-in-1 formats, so customers are able mix it up with other exciting games tables.

The right table for you: Beginners from £64.99!

A great choice for a beginner and younger people would be the 4ft Shark Air Hockey Table.

At £99.99, this table is the right size for this level and a great entry level table. It has fantastic looks and offers a competitive challenge and hours of intense gaming.

Intermediate from £149.99!

Still not quite at the advanced level or full size. Still, boast your skills with the very competitive 5ft Blue L Foot Air Hockey Table from Gamesson.

The table has a majestic finish, one that will really stand out in any home. A slick surface provides excellent game standard, whilst the size is big enough to make you feel like you know your way around the table.

Advanced from £249.99!

You may fancy yourself at Air Hockey and have the space and budget to accommodate. The full size Coliseum 7ft Table stands out head and shoulders above the rest at £599.99!

Get that arcade feel you have been waiting for with excellent LED and audible scoring systems and the finest surface on the market.

Remember, Air Hockey is a fun game for all and can be taken to high level competitiveness. As buyer, choose the right price first, then size and assess your gaming level on top of that.

More reasons to buy a table tennis table from us

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Cheap Air Hockey Tables from £64.99!

  • Tables produced by BCE, Mightymast and other industry leaders
  • Table top tables available

Produced for Ease of Storage …

  • Air Hockey Tables with folding legs
  • Easy to store away, regardless of size
  • Strong, durable and sturdy legs

Air Hockey Tables with an Arcade feel …

  • Classic designs with arcade replica table models
  • Extra excitement with coin operated tables
  • Super LED scoring systems with excellent playing surfaces

A Table to Suit any Level …

  • Air Hockey Tables up to professional 7ft sizes!
  • Get your table in a 2-in-1 format
  • Quality material used to perfect finishes