Gamesson Buyer's Guide

Your Guide to Gamesson Products

Introduction to Gamesson

Gamesson are one of the European giants of games tables. Originally, the Swedish manufacturers designed the brand only for that market, but Europe has recognised the design quality and variety this company now offers.

There is no doubt, when you purchase a Gamesson games table from Splash & Relax you are almost guaranteed a high quality design that will be last for many years and generations to come. The proof is in the pudding, the best materials are used, quality control procedures are used within manufacturing and every games table is tested to EU test standards CE, EN-71.

The company's goal is to "become the leaders in the niche" and they seem to be doing a great job of this.

What can we recommend from Gamesson on a budget?

Like all of our products, we like to make them affordable for everyone. Gamesson produce a wide range of games tables so let us help you choose a table that won't break the bank.

Customers who are looking for a football table should for for the 4ft Roma Football Table. Supplied with complete leg levellers, this is a fun option with bright blue colours which will add personality to any games room. It features rounded corners to keep the ball in play at all times with curved edges helping to avoid any accidents, too.

Another super cool blue creation is the 5ft Blue Air Hockey Table with an electric LED scoring system. It comes with all the items needed for a competitive game as well as easy assembly service instructions.

If you are looking for a quality multi games table from Gamesson, then the 6ft Mars Deluxe 3-in-1 is the one. This table will comfortably fit into most homes and will easily convert into a dining table, too. Primarily being a pool table, this games table also converts into a pool and table tennis table, too.

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Variety of Games Tables!

  • Multi Games Tables!
  • Table Football Tables!
  • Table Top Tables!
  • Air Hockey Tables!

Highly Reputable Designs!

  • Produced using the right materials!
  • Approved to EU test standards CE, EN-71
  • High quality control procedures direct at the factory
  • European designed styling

Arcade Styles Games Tables!

  • Classic Air Hockey Tables
  • LED Scoring systems!
  • Audio systems!

Gamesson Accessories

  • Every accessories for your games tables!
  • Snooker, pool and billiard cues!
  • Table covers, don't let dust become an issue!