Sledges Buying Guide

Your Guide to Sledges

Introduction to Sledges

Splash and Relax are proud to offer you the widest range of cheap sledges and toboggans in the UK this winter. 100's of sledges made to an excellent standard are available in either plastic, wooden or inflatable form - with an exciting range of snowboards also available at affordable prices.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, or a child or an adult, let this sledges buying guide answer the sledge questions you propose.

Sledging for Adults and Enthusiasts

A huge variety is available for adults and enthusiasts of bigger size and skill levels. Our Snow Racer Sledge Toboggan provides excellent tracking ability and has a three-arm sport steering wheel responsive control, and it's a bargain at under £70!

A wooden sledge is still one of the fastest things on snow and our hi-tech Snow Boogie Fantom X Sledge is an advanced version of classic designs. The Fantom X features a metal alloy frame with two wide skis for performance control in any snow conditions.

The wildest sledge, however, has to be the Airboard Freeride 180-X inflatable sledge. Highly durable, the sledge allows you to control your direction by shifting your weight, offering a smooth ride in all snow conditions.

Sledging for Children and Beginners

We offer a wide range of cheap sledges that are suitable for children from three years of age up. Our ranges of plastic sledges are ideal for practicality and safety on the hills. A Snow Glider or UFO Toboggan would be perfect for a younger child!

We also provide a child's backrest which allows kids to ride our traditional wooden sledges. Suitable for the Snow Rodel 90 and Davos wooden sledges, the younger generation can experience winter's of the past on these exciting sledges.

Want to hit the slopes for real?

Now that you've chosen your sledges, why not test your chosen vehicle at the various indoor snow slopes across the UK?

Here are Splash and Relax's recommended indoor real snow slopes across the UK ready for you to go and enjoy immediately (South to North):

Plastic Sledges from 4.99

  • Sledges for children with breaking features
  • Racer sledges with full control steering
  • Team up with the Snow Double Racer!

View our plastic sledges

Inflatable Sledges from 9.99

  • Durable to withstand the conditions
  • Aerodynamically advanced sledges
  • Enthusiastic? Try this inflatable sledge

View our inflatable sledges

Wooden Sledges from 64.99

View our wooden sledges

Snowboards from 14.99

  • First time beginner boards
  • Advanced skill boards available
  • No specialist footwear needed

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