Fireworks Buying Guide

Your guide to Fireworks

Introduction to Fireworks

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Fireworks Safety and Tips

Before choosing your fireworks, do the following: Decide where you are going to hold the display to start. Once you have chosen your venue, measure out the area - if the distance is less than 25 meters then you should only consider cat 2 fireworks.

It is vitally important that you check the area for overhead tree branches; the shots ejected from fireworks can hit the branches and cause all kinds of avoidable problems. Finally, check the area for any other potential risks i.e sheds, green houses, flammable materials and so on.

Be prepared on the night

Make sure you have a closed metal box to store all of your purchased fireworks. Always have a bucket of water to cool sparklers and to put out any small fires. Eye protection and gloves for those lighting fireworks should ALWAYS be worn.

Get the set up correct

Ensuring your fireworks remain upright is imperative. Position the stake between the firework and your spectators and tie securely, but not overly tight - the tubes will need some room for expansion.

Make sure you know where the fuse is located, if the conditions are wet, place the fireworks on a waterproof surface i.e carrier bag. Again, if wet, keep your fireworks covered until you are ready to ignite. Catherine wheels should be fixed securely to a post, but ensure the firework is free to rotate. With rockets, use the tube supplied by your retailer and angle slightly off vertical.

Lighting the flame

Only designated persons should be responsible for letting off fireworks. Light the fireworks at arms length using a port fire or similar.

Be sure to NEVER go back to a firework that has been lit! Finally, put any fireworks that have failed to ignite in a bucket of water and LEAVE overnight.

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Firework Categories ...

  • Cat 1 Indoor Fireworks - Safe to ignite indoors
  • Cat 2 - Require minimum distance of 5 to 8 meters
  • Cat 3 - Minimum distance of 25 meters required