Multi Games Tables Buying Guide

Your Guide to Multi Games Tables

Introduction to Multi Games Tables

These kinds of tables are excellent for various reasons. Firstly being the vast amount of games you get, compacted into one sturdy table, for an excellent price.

The size factor comes in at a close second – customers purchasing a multi game stable from Splash and Relax will be able to store the table with folding leg technology, making it an easy fit for most rooms.

Searching for the Pinnacle?

Then it would have to be the BCE 4ft 21-in1 folding multi games table at £234.99! Games include table football, tennis, pool, air hockey and many, many more – sure to give you, your friends and your family hours of endless fun!


Many of our multi games tables have storage compartments for all of your accessories. However, we understand, especially with small children around, accessories WILL go missing and/or become damaged at some point.

Luckily, we provide a comprehensive section of games table accessories from very affordable prices, starting from £5.99 up! Whether it’s your table football balls, air hockey pushers or cue chalk that’s gone AWOL – we have cheap replacements to order!

Miscellaneous Games

We have a section of old arcade favourites too, full of various games. Our excellent arcade games included the Star Galaxy Pinball, 150-In-1 Arcade mania and Arcade Baby. At £429.95, the Arcade Baby has 99 of the best arcade games squeezed into one great little machine. Just plug in and play this fun digital platform!

More Reasons to buy a multi games table from us

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80Affordability and Value for Money ...
  • Tables available from as little as £129.89
  • Up to 21 games on one single table

Excellent Build Quality

  • Tables from BCE, Mightymast and many more
  • Eye catching exterior graphics
  • Strong and sturdy build

Easy to Set Up and Store Away ...

  • Tables available with folding legs
  • Perfect for storing away
  • Full set-up manual and instructions
  • Excellent accessories

Family Favourites ...

  • Table Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Cue Sports: Snooker, Pool
  • Board Games
  • Darts, Bowling and many more