Swimming Pool FAQ's

What should I know before I buy a Swimming Pool?

Swimming Pools are great for all the family and your friends so buying a swimming pool is a good investment for the hole family. Please read the questions in this FAQ as we think they will help you pick the right pool for you and your whole family.

What are the differences with above-ground and in-ground swimming pools?

The main difference between above and in-ground pools is that above-ground pools can be moved and taken down with much more ease. In-ground swimming pools normally cost more to make/build and have a lot higher demand on maintenance unlike the above-ground pools which don't need cleaning as often.

Above-ground swimming pools come in packages and can generally be installed over an weekend. The main types of above-ground swimming pools are Wooden Pools, Metal Frame Pools, Inflatable Pools, Splasher Pools and Paddling Pools, these come in a wide range of colours, sizes, shapes, thickness often designed and manufactured by companies like Intex. These are often easy to install.

Will I have to pay more on my insurance for an above-ground swimming pool?

No, most of the time insurance companies will not charge more for an above-ground swimming pool but check with you insurance company to find out their rules and requirements etc.

Are there many advantages to an above-ground pool?

Yes, most people like them because:

  • They are easy to install
  • They are not permanent so can be moved as much as you like
  • All the top above-ground swimming pools have a long warranty
  • Above ground pools can still be heated
  • You can install in more areas then an in-ground pool could

Do I need any special chemicals to treat the water in my pool?

There are many ways of treating the water in your pool, some rely more upon chemicals, some on minerals and some on gas and light; however, you need to study your options before deciding which system is right for you.

How do I keep my pool heated?

Both above-ground and in-ground swimming pools can be heated quite easy. You can use electric, gas, propane or solar heaters to heat most pools.

Where can I install a swimming pool?

You should always check you have more then enough space for your pool to be installed and used safely. All our swimming pools have the recommended spacing in the products information on each products page. These requirements are to keep you safe so we would advise you stick to them as close as you can.

All Swimming Pools must be sited on firm, level and smooth ground. A concrete base is recommended.

Can I install my swimming pool?

Instructions are supplied with our pools but if you don't feel confident in installing an in-ground pool or even an above-ground pool we would recommend letting our staff or a professional install your pool for 100% satisfaction

How much will maintenance cost for a pool?

This will vary due to pool size and type, your garden ie amount of sun light, trees and how many people use the swimming pool and how often the pool is used. Once you know what swimming pool you would like to order contact us and we can give you a rough estimate on how much you will need. Also you can see our Accessories, Pool Cleaning & Chemicals, Pool Pumps & Counter Current, Pool Filters for pricing on all cleaning parts.