Buying A Hot Tub

Well allegedly over 50% of homes in North America have them. So a hot tub is must have item to many people. That said they are a big investment, and if you buy the wrong one it can be a nightmare. So this article is intended to arm you with the information you need to buy the right one for you and your family.

First of all – the “Anti” question? Do you need a tub? Well as most of us would say yes to that, we will proceed!

When buying a hot tub your first thought should be how many people will be using it on a regular basis? A tub for eight people is great but if there are just two of you and you do not hold big parties on a regular basis then you would be far better off with a smaller and more intimate cedar wood tub. It will warm up faster and use up far less power.

If you always have lots of kids/friends/family around then a larger acrylic tub is the one to go for. The modern hot tubs even have self cleaning systems – you just put the chemicals into a pod and the tubs control system regulates its own cleaning. This is ideal for those living a busy lifestyle who just want to jump in their tub whenever they want, knowing the water is always nice and clean.

Installation – Do you want to save money and do a lot of the work yourself or via sub-contractors? Personally we would advise against this. You may think you are saving money by employing your own installers, but if the hot tub then does not work, who’s fault is this? It is far better to spend a little more and let the supplier be responsible for the whole installation process, which if your access is restricted may even involve a crane to lift the tub over your house. If you use the hot tub supplier to arrange all of this then you have nothing to worry about.

So we would advise buying an installation package with your hot tub to gain peace of mind – After all, all you want to do is enjoy your hot spa.