Hot Tub Manufacturers & Dealers

If you are looking to buy a hot tub the choice can initially seem bewildering with a multitude of manufacturers to choose from it may seem that they key driver in choosing a tub supplier is price. However you need to look beyond just the price in order to make an informed decision.

When you buy a hot tub our advice would be to go along to a showroom where you can ask the following questions that may help you make the right decision. As whilst they have dropped down in price in recent years they can still represent a substantial investment to your average family. Indeed an eight seater tub with thirty plus water jets could see you spending into five figures, representing a substantial investment.

So you need to ask the following questions: -

How long has the manufacturer been in business? A new manufacturer may be offering a good price on a tub, but you need to look at what support they provide not just now but in the future e.g. who can help if they go bust.

How long has the dealer been in business? Do they offer the support network you need? Can they easily supply spare parts in the event of a breakdown?

In either of the above two cases you need to consider the worst-case scenario. The heater in your tub breaks down – and the dealer tells you the original supplier has gone bust (or the dealer has closed). If this is the case your investment could be worthless (And remember it is easy to spend a five figure sum on a tub!). So you need to ask if the main parts of the hot tub such as the heater and water pumps are universally available. In most cases they are but you should ensure that you can get spares should either the dealer or the manufacturer go bust.

Also do they both offer nationwide support? You may move several hundred miles and if so can they still support you in the event of a breakdown?

These simple issues are often forgotten in the excitement of buying, but with a little investigation and by asking the right questions you can make a much safer hot tub purchase, and safeguard your hot tub investment for the future.