Caring For Your Hot Tub

Whilst some of the latest tubs are “Self Cleaning”, where by you only need to top up the chemical reservoirs and the hot tub will automatically add the right amounts of chemicals, for the majority of hot tubs you will have to test the water quality and add chemicals by hand.

To carry on getting the best out of your hot tub you need to take good care of it. As just like a swimming pool, if you leave it un-treated then you will find the water will become dirty with bacteria and even algae growing. This is even more important with a hot tub than with a swimming pool as by definition it is hot in the tub! This means that if any bacteria or algae begin to grow they will do so more rapidly.

However by establishing a simple maintenance routine you should never have any problems in keeping your water nice and clean. It is all down to establishing a routine. Most of the tasks you will need to carry out will only take a few minutes to do, and if you have older children you can get them involved, in return for letting them have their own hot tub parties. As several of the tasks involve using chemicals it is not recommended that young children are asked to help you out.

This is a sample hot tub maintenance schedule. Just remember to consult your dealer for their exact recommendations as they may vary from these).

Daily Tasks: -

  • Test the pH levels and add pH plus or minus as required
  • Use anti-foam spray as required
  • Check chlorine levels have not fallen too low and add more chlorine as required

Weekly Tasks: -

  • You will need to clean the water filter weekly using specialized filter cleaner. It is also recommended that you rotate the filter with your spare one each week.

Monthly Tasks: -

  • You should check the water hardness (Calcium content) monthly and add hot tub lime scale remover as required. This is particularly important if you live in a hard water area, as lime scale build up could cause heater or pump failure.

Following this simple routine will ensure your hot tub water remains crystal clear and trouble free.