Considerations When Buying A Hot Tub

When buying a hot tub it may seem initially that all you have to do is pick the one that is the right size for you and simply go and buy it. However there are a few key things to consider when buying your hot tub. The main ones are: -

Seating – How many people are going to use the tub? If it is just one or two people on a regular basis then a two or four seater should be sufficient. I would advise a four seater though as you will probably have friends over at some point.

If you have a large family or regularly hold big social events then a seven or eight seater may be a better option, however given the extra water to heat up only go for this option if you are frequently going to have a full tub of people, if not a smaller tub is a better option. Just remember though that if you buy one that turns out to be too small you cannot just add on more seats!

Water Jets – The basic hot tub package will come with a set number of jets per seat, however the chances are that the one you try out in the showroom will have extra jets fitted or a bubble system fitted as well. Whilst some companies can fit these to your tub at a later date many do not offer this option, and this can lead to disappointment if your tub does not give the same effect as the one you tried in the showroom. I would advise that you can never have enough water jets.

Whilst the bubble option is a nice to have addition, you should bear in mind that this will have some cooling effect on the water as the air pump draws in the air from outside. This is not such a problem in California but if you live in a cold location and have a hot tub outside of your ski chalet as an example, be aware that the air coming into the tub will be very cold and the tub will use more electricity to keep the water temperature the same. This is only a minor consideration though.

Just remember when buying your hot tub you should ensure that you get all the options you want fitted at the time of purchase as you cannot add on extra seats or water jets at a later date.