Essential Hot Tub Maintenance

Whilst a hot tub is considered a very nice luxury to own, in order to get the best from it you need to ensure it is well maintained. If your tub is not one of the newer self cleaning ones then establishing a regular hot tub maintenance schedule is vital in order to protect your investment as well as your families health.

Poor maintenance will allow algae to grow which can block the water jets and filters, this in turn can put extra strain on the water pump and heating system. If either of these breaks down due to poor hot tub maintenance it is likely to be costly to fix, and is unlikely to be covered by the manufacturers warranty if you have not followed the tubs maintenance schedule.

Health wise you need to ensure that the water is kept clean and the right pH levels are adhered to, if not, lovely as it is the warm water in the hot tub can become a breeding ground for bacteria, if this occurs due to poor maintenance then when you turn the water and the air jets on, the water sprayed up in to the air can contain harmful bacteria which you may then inhale. However this is easy to avoid if a strict maintenance schedule is adhered to.

To maintain a healthy hot tub, commonly you will need to keep an eye on: -

Foam – This can build up excessively, due to both natural oils from your skin and suntan cream. Care needs to be taken as if untreated you can have to empty the whole tub

Water Clarity – This is vital to treat to ensure that an unsightly tidemark does not develop around the edge of the tub

Water Filter – This needs regular checking and cleaning to ensure that it is doing its job. Failure to do this can result in strain on the water pump, which may result in a breakage.

You will also need to regularly check the water pH, alkaline levels, and water hardness to ensure your tub is always in peak condition. A simple hot tub maintenance schedule will pay for itself in the long term.