Hot Tub Extras

So you have decided to invest in a nice new hot tub. Well these days there are many more things that you can buy to enhance your hot tub experience. So let us look at a few of the more popular ones in detail.


Fragrances – That is right you can now choose the scent of your tubs water! There are a large range of scents specifically designed for such use. Note: Only use scents designed specifically for use in a tub.


Mood Lighting – Initially you may think “Why do we need lights in a tub?” well trust me you do, as sooner or later you will use it a night, and if you did not buy a mood lighting pack it will seem very dark indeed. They vary from simple white lights to fibre optic systems that can change colour – These are very relaxing at night. But whatever you do have some form of lighting.


Bars – You can get special tables that clip on the edge of the tub, complete with safe unbreakable plastic glasses so that you can enjoy a drink safely. Never use real glasses in or near a tub.


Gazebos – These can be bought at a later date if you find you need one, for some people it will be to keep the sun off, and for others it will be so that they can use the tub come rain or snow. You can also get them with fixed or removable side panels. They do vary on price so it is worth shopping around.


Covers – What ever you do, buy the best  cover you can. Buying a good solid insulated one will not only protect your tub from leaves and insects, it will also pay for itself in the money it saves you in electricity by keeping the heat in the tub. The majority can also be locked, thus making it safe from intrusion by small children.


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