Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

To get the best from your hot tub you will need to ensure it is well maintained and to get the best from it this involves daily, weekly and monthly maintenance tasks to carry out.


Chemical tips

First of all ensure that all of the chemicals you are going to use are stored in cool dry place, and out of reach of small children. You should never ever mix chemicals with each other as they may react together and give off toxic fumes. Also when adding chemicals to your tub, do exactly that, add them to the water, never ever pour them in to an empty tub and then add water, as the strength of the neat chemicals may damage your tub.


Always follow the instructions, as many of the chemical bottles you will be using look nearly identical, yet may be required in very different quantities – always check the label, as adding too much of certain chemicals could result in skin irritation from the water. The end result of which is that you have to empty the hot tub and refill it. Whilst these tips for maintaining your tub may seem simple, when it comes to dealing with the chemicals to maintain them care must be taken.


Daily maintenance

Test chlorine and pH levels every day, even a minor dip plus or minus in either of these levels should be treated immediately, if not it will be twice as bad the next day. The same applies to keeping “Foam” levels down with anti foam spray (Foam builds up due to oil in the water – occurring either naturally from your body or from suntan cream).


Weekly maintenance

Check the calcium levels, if your water is too “Hard” then calcium can build up on the hot tubs heater element, or on the tubs water pump. If this build up gets too much then this can result in the failure of the pump or heater, and neither of these will be covered by the tubs warranty. Add a water softener to the hot tub in much the same way as you would do to your washing machine or dishwasher and this should alleviate any “Hard” water problems.