Installing Your Hot Tub

Now you have decided to buy a hot tub you need to take a lot of care in planning its installation, and this is not just about deciding whereabouts in your garden you are going to place your tub. It is about planning for the delivery of the hot tub and its subsequent installation and commissioning.


The first thing you need to consider is how are you going to get the hot tub into your back garden? Do you have sufficient access to manhandle the tub into your back garden? You will need to measure any potential access routes e.g. passage ways, driveways, or back gates to ensure that your supplier can get the tub to where you want it. Please note that even a small tub turned on its side is highly unlikely to fit through your house door.


It is essential you have sufficient access otherwise you may find that if you do not have sufficient access, the supplier will either leave the tub on your front lawn, or take it away with them (Normally resulting in second delivery charge). In the event of this happening you may also end up paying the installers twice as they will have had a wasted journey as well.


Now if you have sufficient access that is great, however you will need to alert the supplier prior to delivery, as to whether they have to go up or down any steps or slopes in order to get the tub where you want it.


If you do not have sufficient access to your rear garden all is not lost, indeed it is quite common to have a hot tub craned in to place over the roof of your house. You will need to talk to your supplier to arrange this. If you need a crane to install it, it is far better to book this through your supplier for legal reasons.


You will also need to arrange for qualified personnel to commission your hot tub and connect the water and electric to it (You are not advised to carry out this work yourself). You can do this through your supplier but you should be able to save money by employing your own contractors.


This guide should ensure that you have a hassle free installation, leaving you to enjoy your hot tub.