Benefits Of A Cedar Hot Tub

Cedar hot tubs are very popular for use in hotels, particularly in ski resorts, as when placed outside they can look far more in keeping with their surroundings than a large acrylic hot tub does.

You can add decking around them for easy access, or even have them sunken into your decking entirely for a really good-looking effect (Just take care at night though when walking on your decking in order that you do not have an unexpected dip in to your tub).

They are often cheaper to buy than a similar capacity acrylic tub, as unlike an acrylic tub they are virtually always built in situ. Yes that is right you will need a friend, a few simple tools and two to three days to build one.

Most cedar tubs are self assembly, and whilst some may consider this a disadvantage, there is not only a great deal of self satisfaction to be had from building your own tub, but there is one other major benefit in them coming in kit form.

That benefit is location – with a pre-made acrylic tub you maybe restricted on where you can locate it in your garden, as they can weigh several hundred kilogram’s, and you may even need a crane to lift one into place in your back garden.

However with a Cedar wood hot tub kit you can simply carry all of the wood through your house and build it in whatever location you like. So there is a great level of flexibility to be had in buying a cedar hot tub kit.