Choosing A Hot Tub Gazebo

You initially may not even consider having any reason to have a gazebo over your hot tub. The first Summer you install it you may spend many happy days sat outside in the Sun, but then it comes to Winter and you begin to miss not using your hot tub when it is raining, too windy or even snowing.

Well you cannot move a tub inside easily, however you can buy or make your own gazebo to go over your tub, to enable you to carry on using it all year round.

There are several types of gazebos to consider, and you need to think about them carefully. In general most of them are permanent structures, as due to the size and hence the weight of the roof of most of them, you will not be able to remove the roof in Summer.

This will impact on how much Sun your hot tub gets in Summer, as with any kind of roof fitted at some point in the day you will not get the Sun. That said, your tub will obviously still remain hot all of the time.

Gazebos come in two main forms – fully enclosed and semi enclosed. A fully enclosed one will come with not only a roof, but also glass side panels that can be either opened fully in Summer (Or even totally removed), or shut in Winter, providing a totally weatherproof home for your tub.

A semi-enclosed gazebo will come with a roof over your tub, but will not have any side panels, and this is the preferred option for many hot tub owners.