Running A Hot Tub

The prices of hot tubs have dropped considerably in recent years as many manufacturers have switched away from building them in GRP which is very labour intensive to use, and made the switch to using acrylic tubs which are commonly used as garden hot tubs.

These are far easier to produce than a GRP tub, accordingly this has made it more affordable than ever to buy a decent tub. Acrylic hot tubs can be easily mass produced and as a result costs have come tumbling down.

However that does not mean that they are any cheaper to run than they were ten years ago. Indeed rising energy prices may well mean that your tub costs more to heat today than it did a decade ago. Even the cost of the water you fill it up with has risen.

So when thinking about buying a tub you need to think about the running costs of it as well. Whilst a hot tub may cost more to heat due to rising energy charges, the advances in insulation over the past few years mean that most tubs retain far more heat than they used to. So whilst they may cost more to heat up in the first place, you should use less energy to keep them warm once they are up to temperature.

A good hot tub cover is an absolute must. Buy the best one that you can afford. A non-insulated cover may pa costing saving on the initial purchase price, however a good insulated cover will pay for itself many times over in the amount of energy that it saves you through better insulation.